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The warranty is valid for one year from date of purchase, it is honored all over the world in the case of conformity defects.
To benefit from the warranty it is essential to present to a Dealer the International Warranty card duly complied, stamped and dated by the Dealer at time of purchase. Defects deriving from accidents ( knocking, crushing, etc), improper used, alterations, repairs and or unauthorized tampering are strictly excluded from the warranty. Glass, discoloration of the plating or color and the consequences of normal wear and tear, aging of the watch are also excluded from the warranty.


Frequently asked questions


How do I take care of the leather strap?
If your watch band is made of leather, avoid getting it wet. Water will damage the genuine leather.

Can I wear the watch for water sports?
A quick reference guide for the various activities you can expose your watch to under normal circumstances. No matter what the water-resistance is, a watch should never be worn in any hot tub, shower, sauna, or steam room.

​3 ATM = Not intended for any exposure to water. Splash Resistant
5 ATM = Suitable for washing hands or light rain. Water Sports
10 ATM = Suitable for swimming, surfing, etc. Scuba Diving
30 ATM = Suitable for extreme ocean depths.

How's the performance of the watch in different temperature?
Do not place the watch where the temperature is extremely low / high (less than 5ºC or more than 35ºC). Watch parts are metal and slightly expand and contract with changes in temperature, and this influences accuracy. Normally, under high temperatures, a watch tends to lose time, and under low temperatures, it tends to gain time.

Is it shock resistant?
Strong shock may affect accuracy. It is recommended that you remove your watch before playing any sport that involves strong impacts. Any direct impact to your wrists can affect the very small parts inside the watch. Dropping the watch may also cause damage.