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About us

The history of Aerotec begins in 2016. For more than 7 years, it has been our goal to produce high-quality, but still affordable mechanical tool watches. Refreshingly unique design, excellent materials and precise watchmaking are particularly important to us.
Founded by watch collector Terence See, Aerotec Watches is a passion project through and through. As a watch enthusiast, Terence is well-versed in the nuances of vintage watches and knows what collectors like himself look for in heritage timepieces. Aerotec steps in to fill the void of high-quality, yet affordable, vintage-inspired watches built to modern standards. 
Inspired by yesterday’s finest watches, but crafted for today’s watch enthusiasts. Aerotec brings together the best of both eras.
Our name, derived from the words "Aerodynamic" (Aero) and "Technology" (Tec), symbolizes a connection to the aerodynamics of the modern precious design fueled with the technology of today's watchmaking.
We believe that there is an inherent beauty in simplicity and functionality, and every timepiece is carefully designed in-house and manufactured to modern standards. 

If you have any questions about Aerotec watches, we would be happy to hear from you, please get in touch!
Terence See
Aerotec Watches

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